Region 10 Section 4 APO Gamma Gamma at Berkeley

    Region 10 - Section 4

    Welcome to the Gamma Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega!


    How Reimbursements Work

    You need the receipt and write down these information for reimbursements
    and give it to either the Finance VP or Reimbursement Chair:

    Phone Number
    Reason for Reimbursement

    Don't forget that you can get half your public transportation fee reimbursed too,
    such as BART tickets if you get the receipt by paying with credit card.
    However, if you cross any toll bridge, ask for a receipt and you'll get reimbursed full if you are driving.
    *Note: these only pertain to service events

    Driver Reimbursement Form


    Only for service events. Fill out all fields except "Bus fare" and "BART fare," attach receipts, and turn into reimbursement chair.

    432 Eshleman Hall, MC 4500 Berkeley, CA 94720-4500 / ASUC Funded / Wheelchair Accessible

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